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Why getting sleep on holiday in Nice is important

Getting sleep on holiday is important when staying in Nice

You really can’t put a price on a good night’s sleep – especially when staying in a city like Nice. A property with a comfortable and quiet bedroom should, therefore, be one of your main priorities when putting together your trip to the French Riviera. If you’re currently finalising where you’ll be staying in Nice, here are three reasons why you should choose a rental where you’ll be guaranteed a heavenly night’s sleep on holiday.


A lack of sleep can hit your immune system hard. This can mean that you are much more likely to fall victim to ailments such as colds and sore throats, which will ultimately hinder your ability to enjoy the city to the fullest. In particular, the loss of appetite that usually accompanies illness will probably mean that you won’t get to savour delicious delicacies like salade niçoise or socca. These are, as you’ll soon discover, some of the yummiest meals in Europe.


Nice is readily accessible by car, bus or train if you want to see it from top to bottom. However, there’s no better experience than exploring the city on foot. Unfortunately, you’ll be deprived of this option if you’re running low on energy from a poor night’s sleep. Meaning you’ll miss some sights that can only be witnessed on foot, like the picturesque alleys in the Old Town.


Sleep deprivation has been proven to limit a person’s ability to concentrate. Nice, of course, isn’t the type of city where you just want to switch off. There are plenty of wonderful attractions that require your undivided attention, such as Gallery Ponchettes. It would be disappointing if you were struggling to focus on the stunning artwork there just because you hadn’t slept.

Don’t undervalue sleep!

It’s important that you realise just how important a good night’s sleep is when staying in Nice. With this in mind, it’s important to factor this in when choosing between holiday apartments in Nice. To pick from a range of Nice apartments and vacation rentals that are comfortable and perfect to get some decent shut-eye, check out HB Property.