Three places to visit when your base is in Nice

Nice is a fabulous place to have your base in the French Riviera. While it’s undoubtedly a city where you could spend weeks upon weeks without getting bored, those who fancy a bit of exploring can always wander out of the district and into the enticing towns and cities nearby. You have numerous ways of getting to these, including by bus or train. You might even want to rent a car so that you can soak up the views while heading out on your day trip. Here are three great places where you can visit for the day if you choose to have your base in Nice.


The quickest way to get from Nice to Monaco is via a 34-minute car journey. However, you can always put your feet up and relax if you choose to travel by train instead. You’ll certainly need your energy upon your arrival because the city features a long list of things to do, including a visit to the Monte Carlo Casino and the outstanding Oceanographic Museum.


Cannes is arguably most famous for its annual film festival, during which a lot of people choose to avoid the hustle and bustle by staying in Nice. The two places are just a 50-minute drive from each other, so it’s feasible for tourists to head to Cannes if they can tear themselves away from the excitement of Nice. As well as its film festival, Cannes is popular because of its stunning Old Town, of which the crème de la crème is an 11th-century watchtower called Tour du Mont Chevalier.


It takes around 43 minutes to drive from Nice to Grasse. The town might sound familiar due to its connections to the perfume industry, of which you can learn more about during tours that run there. However, the real reason to visit Grasse is to see the stunning views of this green, hillside location lined with picturesque buildings.

The world awaits!

You can have all these amazing destinations at your fingertips if you choose to make your next holiday to Nice. The city is right in the middle of these three locations, making it the ideal base to explore the region. To check out a number of stunning vacation apartments in Nice, visit HB Property.