Rent out your property in Nice

Top four things you’ll want from your nice property management company

Top four things you’ll want from your nice property management company

The most important thing if you’re looking for a company to manage your property is that they’ll treat it as their own.

At Harrison Brook Property we manage property in Nice on behalf of our clients and know what you are looking for.

If you want to rent out your apartment for a additional source of income then there are some important specifics to look for as well:

1. Are they available?

Good property managers won’t over-stretch themselves so that they can be available to check in, check out and look after your property whenever it’s necessary. How much attention your property will need will depend on whether you’re letting it out to long term tenants or as a short-stay holiday apartment.

The former will require frequent and more in-depth management, whereas the latter will require less work. However, inspections and maintenance checks must be performed regularly, not put to one side.

2. How do they find your tenants?

You may not want this service, you might be comfortable finding your own tenants and just want someone to manage the property. But if you do want it, find out how and where the property will be advertised.

Do they ask a lot of questions about the type of tenant you require? Will they be collecting rent? Do you want a full management proposal?

3. How are fees structured?

Find out exactly what fees are due and when.

4. What about after hours?

Will the property management company be able to handle emergencies outside office hours? Will they be contactable and will they handle problems themselves or use qualified local experts?

HB Property are here for you. Based in Nice, HB Property are here on the ground close to your property. We know that owners want to feel that their property is cared for and we understand precisely how to do that.

We operate a high quality, transparent property management and holiday rental company where customer service is our top priority.

To find out how we can help you today, contact our helpful team.