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Three reasons to explore Nice on foot

Nice has fabulous transport links. Once you step off the plane at the Nice Côte d’Azur Airport, there’s a world of hired cars, buses and trains to use to get around the city. You can even rent a bike for the afternoon if you fancy cycling from A to B. Arguably though, there’s nothing better than exploring the place on foot. Ahead of your trip to Nice, here are three benefits to simply using your legs to get around.


Nice is a hub of extraordinary architecture. From the pink rooftops in the Old Town to the elegant steeples of the Palais de Justice, there are many amazing sights to feast your eyes upon. These are major tourist destinations, but they’re not the only delights in the city. You’ll find yourself stumbling upon loads of goodies if you’re constantly on your feet. You just never know what’s around the corner in Nice!


It’s generally sunny skies all the way in Nice. In fact, there are just four days of rainfall on average in a month like July. The wettest month is April, where even then it pours for an average of 11 days. You’re therefore in the perfect position to soak up the sun and catch some rays when you step out on foot in Nice. After all, the coolest month is February, and even then the temperature hits highs of 13 degrees.


You’ll be burning calories and losing weight with every step you take. This might not necessarily be your concern when you’re on holiday, but it will at least help you to justify all the locally made chocolate that you can tuck into on your travels. There’s also a thriving fashion scene in Nice, so there’s no need to worry about not fitting into all the stylish clothing you’ll be able to buy.

Welcome to Nice!

How you get around is just one of the many exciting decisions that you’ll have to make when you arrive in Nice. In the meantime, you can choose your accommodation by checking out the amazing vacation apartments in Nice provided by HB Property. Have fun!