The joys of eating in when staying in Nice

It’s true that the restaurant scene has never been as hot as it currently is in Nice. In fact, the busiest hotspots are now lined with cute little bistros and friendly tapas bars just waiting to entertain diners. There are, however, plenty of great reasons to dine in even when visiting the picturesque city on the French Riviera. You just need your own kitchen and a can-do attitude to get started. With this in mind, here are three reasons to dine in when staying in Nice.


There’s oh so much to see and do in Nice. In fact, unless you’re there for a few weeks you might actually find yourself stretched to explore the whole city in the way that you really should. Thankfully cooking at home tends to save time, meaning you’re free to devote more time and attention to visiting the attractions that every tourist should get to see. This is particularly helpful when you can whip up a quick breakfast in the morning and be on your way.


Nice isn’t a particularly expensive city. Just consider that a budget lunch has been found to cost around €17 at the most, whereas the same dish in Paris would set you back around €19. Of course it’s more cost-effective to buy and make all the ingredients yourself if you’re sticking to a budget. This will at least give you a little more cash to splash when it comes to doing exciting activities like jet skiing along the coast of Carras Plage.


The emphasis isn’t always on a sit-down meal in Nice. Instead, you’ll find that there’s a culture of street food and eating on the go. If you choose to make small snacks at your vacation rental, you’ll be opening yourself up to a world where you can pick at items like socca (a pancake-like delicacy that’s adored by both locals and tourists alike) while out and about.

The choice is yours!

You can either eat in or eat out if you forego a hotel room and choose to stay in one of the popular vacation rentals in Nice found on HB Property. Get in touch to start your trip on the right note.