Why Holiday rent in Nice?

There is much to attract tourists, students, professionals and those of all backgrounds to holiday rent in Nice. It is one of the highlights of the French Riviera, and a desirable place to spend time. Here are just a few of the reasons why Nice is such a fantastic place to stay, and why people flock there for studies, holidays and a place to live!


There is a great range of cuisine on offer in Nice, with the signature French dishes on offer rivalling some of the very best restaurants in the world. Anyone who likes fine dining without the price tag of a gourmet restaurant will be more than catered for.


Nice has an excellent road safety record, so if you are a driver you will feel safe and comfortable. If you use trains, the services in Nice are fast, efficient and reliable.


If you holiday rent in Nice you can enjoy a range of weather throughout the year in Nice. Enjoy cold, sometimes snowy winters for that perfect Christmas, and revel in the glorious sunshine of the summer, when there is almost never a rainy day.


You will not be overcharged for rental fees as there are government regulations in place to prevent this. Nice is an excellent place to study as well as there is strict regulation on housing prices for students.


Nice is a safe place to live, furthermore, the crime rate is far lower than that of a typical large city.

Cost of Living:

Nice is known as the least expensive area to live in the French Riviera, so you can enjoy all the benefits of the country’s most picturesque region without stretching your monthly budget to breaking point.

Friendliness of locals:

In Nice, there are close communities of friendly people who are always very welcoming to new people.

These are just a few of the many things that make Nice a great place to live, study or holiday. every day in Nice will be exciting and new. If you would like to enquire about staying in Nice for a long- or short-term visit, contact us at HB Property to learn about Nice apartments and vacation rentals.