Nice is also famous for it’s flavorful cuisine. Taking advantage of the Mediterranean climate the food in Nice is based on colourful vegetables and of course fish and sea food specialties.

The main local specialty is the Socca  which is a chickpea pancake served hot with salt and pepper. It sounds really basic but it is actually a really tasty snack. Local people even have it as lunch accompanied by a glass of rose. The best places in Nice to eat authentic socca are  Cours Saleya Market and local restaurant Chez Pipo in the port area.

Another specialty is the Salade nicoise and it’s sandwich version Pan Bagnat. Again a really rich dish with anchovies at the base. Lots of different places have their own version but the original has tomatoes, hard boiled eggs, local olives, anchovies and olive oil.Pan Bagnat was invented as to save day old bread of waste – the actual translation being wet bread – by filling it with the salade nicoise and adding different little bits like peppers, onions, tuna, salad etc.

The Pissaladiere is a very good apero option as it goes with pretty much any drink. It is a bread dough topped with caramelized onions, local olives and anchovies. It is sometimes shaped as a pizza but mostly found in square shape and cut in small parts to be consumed as finger food.

The nicoise are very proud about the invention of the Gnocchi – potatoes flour based pasta – and you will find them everywhere and with all possible flavours and sauces. And you are in for a treat with you try the gnocchi with another local specialty the Daube nicoise – slow cooked beef in red wine.

If you have a sweet tooth you are not out of options in Nice. There are several sweet treats specific to the area, the main one being Tourte de Blettes which ingredients can be a bit peculiar as the main one , the blette is a leafy green vegetable. But if you add apples or pears and  raisins and pine nuts you end up with a delicious rich dessert.  In the morning you can also try the fougasse aux fleurs d’orangers – the local version of an orange flower donut and you will either love it or hate it.

Whatever you choose the food in Nice will always surprise you and the local cuisine never ceases to reinvent the traditional dishes.