LGBT Nice, explore the amazing LGBT scene Nice has to offer!

There are some cities that are long-established for welcoming people who are LGBT. This includes Montreal, San Francisco and New York. It’s now time that people experience LGBT Nice. It takes just a two-hour plane journey from London to enjoy the open-minded and free-spirited community that’s growing in this hotspot in the French Riviera. Here are three great ways Nice is becoming the go-to destination for all things LGBT.


The crème de la crème of LGBT celebrations is the Pink Parade. This is a huge gathering of people – many from outside of France – who flock to a party on the streets of Nice. It’s a vibrant affair, typically accompanied by the glow of the sun. The parade happens every summer and is only getting bigger and better each year. Similar annual celebrations include Lou Queernaval and In and Out. There’s also the Zefestival, which attracts many up-and-coming LGBT film-makers looking to feature their work.


There are a growing number of bars and clubs that are catering to the LGBT Nice community. These, expectedly, are amongst the most lively and exciting venues in Nice. For instance, Le Glam on Rue Eugène Emmanuel – which welcomes revellers until 5am most nights – features top DJs and dancers to help visitors let loose in a unique setting. There are also more intimate venues where people can enjoy a quiet drink, such as the Le Kult cocktail bar on Rue Benoit Bunico.


There are LGBT-focused cafes and shops on Rue Bonaparte, many of which have only just begun to crop up. There are now also beaches that are gaining popularity for their inclusively. The most frequented of which is arguably Coco Beach, which is often full of gay, lesbian and bisexual sunbathers. There are also private beaches, such as Hi Beach.

It’s time to head to Nice

Whether you’re part of the LGBT community or simply eager to embrace a different culture, you can’t go wrong with making your next trip to Nice. If you’ve decided that the stunning city on the French Riviera is for you, be sure to check out the amazing vacation rentals in Nice at HB Property.