Make money leasing! Residents of Nice, France are getting paid to go on holiday

Romantic, relaxing and radiant with sunshine, Nice provides the kind of heaven that people dream of all year long.

In fact, France is the most popular tourist destination on the planet. 86 million foreign tourists annually is now a common statistic for the country. The French Riviera plays host to a lion’s share of this market, with a long tourist season starting in March and ending in October (with major peaks during the Monaco Grand Prix and Cannes Film Festival).

But even when you live in paradise, you still want to explore.

With an upsurge in vacation rentals in recent years, property owners in Nice are realising that when they go on holiday, they could break even – or even make money leasing their home.

<h2> The vacation rental market in Nice: bigger and better than ever </h2>

Over the past five years, Airbnb has normalised the holiday rental market – there’s no doubt about that. But with new political and legal obstacles revealing themselves every month, it’s not for everyone.

Awareness of ‘hosting’ is at an all-time high; but many people are put off by the worry of becoming embroiled in the smaller irks – or even legal nightmares – of the relatively unprotected route to the vacation rental market. Instead, responsible property owners are turning to property rental services like Harrison Brook Property Holiday Rentals.

The ultimate benefit of Airbnb is a passive income, but that’s traded off for risk. Harrison Brook Property Holiday Rentals is providing Nice residents with the ability to make money leasing with none of the risk. On top of this, we’re experts in the Nice vacation rental market, so we attract the kind of guests any host would be delighted to have.

<h2> €1200 a week for homes in Nice </h2>

A typical home with two bedrooms in Nice generally attracts between €900 and €1200 for a week. Great locations and extra special touches can take that figure even higher.

At Harrison Brook Property Holiday Rentals, many of our property owners come home and tell us they actually made more money by going on holiday than they would have if they’d stayed at home. For them, and perhaps for you, it’s a no-brainer.

So sit back, relax, and let the passive income flow. All you have to do is decide where you’d like to do it.

The benefits of having a guestbook at your vacation rental in Nice

When it comes to vacation rental tips It’s often the little touches that go a long way when renting out an apartment in a location like Nice. While you will know that beds, kitchen utensils and bathroom supplies are pretty much mandatory to provide, there are certain things that you can do to make you’re vaction rental in Nice stand out – such as having a guestbook for visitors to write in. If you’re striving to make your guests fall in love with Nice, you could provide a guestbook in your apartment.


A guestbook can include handy bits of advice left by yourself and other guests. It might feature tips about the tastiest restaurants or the trendiest beaches. A guestbook ultimately gives visitors a helping hand in experiencing the best that’s on offer for their vacation rental in Nice.


Tourists desire personality and charm when they choose to stay in an apartment rather than a hotel in Nice. A guestbook provides the touch of character that they’re looking for, thanks to its hand-written messages and personal sentiments. It can go a long way to making others feel comfortable and at home in your place.


Should a guest want to flag up something they didn’t like about the apartment – even if it’s something out of your control, such as a noisy neighbour – a guestbook gives them a means of venting in private. They can ultimately offer you nifty tricks to improve the place without publicly shaming the accommodation online and possibly deterring future guests.

Kind words

You’ll often find it difficult not to be touched by the kind words of your guests. The positive reviews can be a great reminder that you made a fantastic decision in choosing to share your accommodation with the world rather use is solely for your own trips to Nice.

Give it a go!

A guestbook is just one of our vacation rental tips. If you want your rental to be fully booked and loved by guests, be sure to leave the management in the safe hands of HB Property.