Three ways tourists can keep fit and healthy in Nice, how to not gain weight on vacation

The prospect of a sunny getaway can leave some tourists questioning how they’ll ever manage to maintain their health and fitness levels when they’re on holiday. After all, most people are waving goodbye to their gym membership for a week or two – and this can leave them at a loose end when it comes to staying active and eating well. Luckily, this isn’t an issue in Nice. Instead, you’ll find that the stunning coastal city is the perfect destination to maintain your fitness levels. Here is our guide on how to not gain weight on vacation.


You’ve got a world of physical activities at your fingertips when you touch down in Nice. For instance, you can rent a bike and spend the day racing along the network of cycle paths that are established across the city. If you choose to cycle along one of the promenades – such as Promenade des Anglais – you’ll also find picturesque seafront views that trump anything you’ll see while exercising at home. There are also countless beaches to run along and oceans to swim in if those are more your thing.


Nice isn’t the type of place that attracts stag or hen parties. This means that without revellers waking you up at all hours, you can always get a good night’s rest during your break. Sleep, of course, helps stabilise your metabolism and provides you with energy to partake in exercise. You’ll no doubt be hopping out of bed feeling as fresh as a daisy and ready to enjoy the sun-soaked mornings unfold in a city where there’s just so much to explore.


There’s no need to come off your diet should you not want to in Nice. After all, countless restaurants offer freshly-caught fish – meaning you can consume protein and steer clear of processed food. In addition to this, salade niçoise – which originated in Nice – appears on many menus and contains nutritious favourites such as lettuce leafs, tomatoes and olives.

Nice awaits!

Nice is the perfect destination if you’re adamant you want to return from your holiday looking and feeling as great as you already do. If you’ve decided that it’s the city for you, be sure to use HB Property to find the very best vacation apartments in Nice.