Three reasons Nice is perfect for a post-break up getaway

Everyone knows that Paris is the City of Love. However, there’s not really a particular place that’s perfect for people going through a break up – or is there? It just so happens that anyone whose romantic life isn’t going their way could really benefit from taking themselves off on a trip to Nice. The French Riviera hotspot is ideal for anyone who’s trying to pick themselves up and move on after going through a break up, so let’s look at a few reasons why nice is the ideal holiday after break up.


Your love life woes will quickly slip to the back of your mind when you come face to face with some of the most stunning sights in Europe. Take, for instance, the beautiful Nice Cathedral. You’ll be so absorbed by its stunning architecture that it’ll feel like all your problems just slip away. There are plenty more sights in the city that will have the same effect too.


It’s nice to just get away from it all sometimes when things aren’t going well in your romantic life. Yes, Nice is a vibrant city – but it’s also one that offers a degree of seclusion when you need it. For example, the Parc de la Colline du Château. Located on the east of the city, this picturesque spot offers a great opportunity to collect your thoughts and enjoy precious ‘me time’ at a time when you need it most.


The locals are famously friendly in Nice. In fact, you can expect to be treated with the warmest of attitudes at all times – whether you’re dining at a restaurant, shopping in the markets or even savouring a glass of wine in a bar. It’s ultimately a great chance to once again see the good in people at a time when you need people to laugh and smile with.

Don’t miss out!

A Nice holiday after break up could actually be your secret weapon to getting over a relationship. The city is just a two-hour flight from London and there’s an amazing selection of vacation apartments in Nice just waiting to welcome you with open arms. For more information on booking a place to stay, check out HB Property.