Three ways to make renting to families easier

The summer holiday season is by far the most popular one of the year in Nice. This isn’t just because the sun is shining and skies are blue, but also because there are loads more families free to jet off and enjoy the picturesque city. The question is: how can you make sure that you’re welcoming families as well as couples to your apartment? Luckily there are a number of things you can do to make sure that mums and dads are happy to book your holiday rental over others in the area. Here are three tips that should help with renting to families.


Nice is so readily explorable, which is just one of the reasons why it’s such a hotspot for holiday-makers. However, if you’re to attract families you’ll need to emphasise your apartment’s proximity to key spots – such as the beach or Vieille Ville. This might include tips on using a hired car, a public bus or even walking routes. Just don’t underestimate that couples with kids will always have an added concern about getting around.


Your apartment could become a family-friendly home in an instant with the help of extra beds. You need not squeeze in extra mattresses because this could make the place look cluttered and turn away couples. Instead, the best option is to invest in fold-out cots that can be stored away and a pull-out sofa. These additions can make all the difference to parents travelling with young ones.


Families may need a small push in the right direction when it comes to their itinerary. Nice, as many people already know, can be a wondrous place for mums and dads with their kids, so make sure you put together a firm itinerary to attract them. This can include beaches with play areas, like Ruhl or Neptune Plage. This plan of action just means that families will feel like they can relax in your home rather than waste time searching for child-friendly places.

Try it!

Don’t let the summer holiday season pass you by without letting families know that your apartment is open for business. If you want to leave the responsibility to someone else, HB Property offer management services for a range of holiday apartments in Nice. Get in touch for more information.

Holiday home ideas | Pumping local culture into your apartment in Nice

Nice is an extraordinary place. You probably already know this though because you’ve purchased an apartment there and chosen to share it with the world. You shouldn’t take for granted just how much more alluring your rental can be if you pump some local culture into it. This isn’t to say that you need to go overboard with new furniture and furnishings. Instead, there are some smaller touches that you can include which will show that you’re fully embracing the joys of the French Riviera. Here are three holiday home ideas that are easy to carry out and that will impress your guests.


You can find shops and stalls that sell local artwork in the Old Town. These pieces will often be unique and inexpensive. Meanwhile, you can get more well-known prints from locations such as the Musée National Chagall, a museum dedicated to the famous Russian-French artist Marc Chagall. Whichever artwork you can get your hands on, it can easily be the icing on the cake for people staying at your vacation rental in Nice.


Nice is a great place to unwind, kick up your feet and tuck into a good book. Thankfully, a few of history’s best novels have actually been set in the French Riviera. If you can get hold of texts like F. Scott Fitzgerald’s ‘Tender Is The Night’ or Ernest Hemingway’s ‘The Garden of Eden’, then it’s just another way that you’re allowing your guests to succumb to the romance of Nice. All you need is a few texts on a shelf to make people feel at home.


Pebbles are synonymous with Nice. After all, the bulk of the beaches feature pebbles rather than sand, therefore setting them apart from other locations in Europe. You can bring these pebbles – which are often smooth and shapely – into your home as a quirky decoration. Try collecting some in a jar or dish and featuring it as an ornament in your apartment.

Unleash your imagination

You’ll be onto a winner by celebrating the local culture and bringing it into your Nice apartment in the most subtle ways. Meanwhile, the management of your home can be left in the hands of HB Property. This will ensure that your place is one of the most popular vacation apartments in Nice.