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Ski holiday or sun holiday? Get both on the French Riviera

Not sure whether you prefer a ski or sun holiday this Winter? Visit the French Riviera and get both!

The French Riviera is the perfect Winter holiday location. Indeed it’s only 2 hours away from the UK but the change of scene is magnificent.

Since the Queen Victoria started visiting Nice in 1882, the French Riviera has been a beloved Winter holiday location for British people. This is mainly due to the mild and sunny weather.

Ski holiday at Isola 2000 & Auron

Isola 2000

Located 90 kms from Nice, Isola 2000 is the closest ski station from the sea. Accessing it from Nice is no struggle, it is a 1 hour 30 minutes but you can also take a shuttle. There are numerous accommodations, lovely restaurants and shops. Buy a ski pass when you get there and enjoy various level of difficulties. Don’t worry if you don’t have any equip;ent you can rent them there.


Also 90 minutes drive from Nice is the ski station of Auron. Finding accommodations and restaurants there is as easy as Isola 2000. They are fairly equal in terms of commodities, what differentiate them is the architecture and the nature. Isola 2000 is more modern whereas there is a bit more nature in Auron.

Winter events in the French Riviera

Carnival in Nice

Each year around February/March, Nice organises a beautiful carnival with flower and carnival parades. You also get lights parade, it really is an amazing experience.

Nice Carnival will take place this year from the 16th February to 2nd March 2019. You can book already now to reserve your seat or standing space.

Fête du Citron in Menton

Meanwhile in Menton, it is the lemon that is celebrated each year. Indeed, the town is called “la ville du Citron” or Lemon city. Similar to Nice Carnival there are magnificent parades but instead of flowers, they use lemons. This year will be the 86th time the event take place. La Fête du Citron is another institution on the French Riviera.

Coastal cities


The city hosting the International Film Festival is also a real gem in the Winter time. A lot quieter at this time of the year, you can enjoy a mild weather and have a coffee by the sea. The view remains stunning and you might even see some people going for a dive. Not many, but there are people swimming all year round in Cannes.


On top of the stunning sea you will be able to see the snow on the Alps. Because it is so calm in the Winter, many restaurants will close their doors but you will still find plenty of options in the Old Antibes. If you enjoy French Theatre, do check to see what plays they have on when you’re planning to visit.

Perfume in Grasse

Last but not least, do have a stop in Grasse to visit the Perfume capital. The Provencal city has a very typical old town with a very dynamic modern part. You will find that most big French perfume creators have their factory there, to create the scents we are dearly fond of. The Perfume Museum is a must-see if you’re interested by its 3000 years worth of history. Galimard, Fragonard or Molinard are houses that organise premium tours for visitors.

We hope that with this article you have no more doubts and will pick the French Riviera for your next Winter holidays and you will get to enjoy the sweet balance of sun and ski. If you are looking for an accomodation, Harrison Brook Property offers various different locations with a very exclusive service. Get in touch.