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Reasons to rent out your Nice holiday apartment

Owners of holiday apartments in Nice looking to cover the expenses of their vacation retreats, will find it’s remarkably easy to rent out their properties and gain substantial income throughout the year. Nice is a popular tourist destination any time of year, so it’s easy to rent out your holiday home when it is vacant.

Nice holiday apartments

Owning your own holiday home can be a shrewd investment which pays dividends over the long term as property values increase. Available opportunities to rent out your Nice holiday home can make your returns on investment even more substantial. There are a number of good reasons to consider the benefits of renting out your Nice holiday apartment.

Why rent out your Nice holiday home

UK holiday home owners renting out their properties make average earnings of around £12,750 in annual income, with expenses amounting to about £6,000. This is a superb profits margin and some owners find the annual income figures are substantially increased when their properties are marketed in the best fashion.

Your holiday home may be a luxury asset and provide you with enjoyable holidays throughout the year, but keeping on top of the regular expenses can prove difficult. Renting out your Nice holiday home at the times it is vacant helps ensure all regular outgoings are upheld and maintenance issues are addressed.

You qualify for tax relief on any mortgage payments for your holiday home, so you can offset the full rental income and any wear and tear issues against mortgage interest repayments. You may also qualify for entrepreneur’s tax relief if you should come to sell your holiday home.

Holiday apartments in Nice are popular with families and business travellers. Many families find it’s far more convenient to book self-catering apartments and villas for holidays, as it allows for far greater flexibility and choice. The popularity of sites such as Airbnb has also fuelled a rise in business travellers looking to the short-term let market for accommodation that’s preferable to staring at the walls in bleak hotel rooms.

There are many more reasons to consider the benefits of renting out your Nice holiday home and the professional team at HB Property are more than willing to discuss these advantages with you. Contact us for more details.