Paris or Nice

Paris or Nice? Here’s where you should spend your next holiday

France is undoubtedly a brilliant and fascinating country to visit. The question is – should you holiday in Paris or Nice? While Paris is the capital, it’s fair to say that it doesn’t necessarily have the advantage over Nice. In fact, the latter is becoming more and more popular each year – and with good reason! If you’re weighing up which French city to vacation in this year, here are four ways that Nice always trumps Paris.


There’s just something about Paris that’s a little too familiar. After all, images like the Eiffel Tower, the Champs-Elysees and Notre-Dame Cathedral are always seen in movies, television and adverts. This means that there’s much more adventure when visiting Nice. You’ll stumble across things that you’ve never seen before and gaze at views that are considered best-kept secrets, these may include Palais Lascaris, Chateau de Bellet and Galerie Eva Vautier.


Paris has a population of 2.2 million people. This figure doesn’t include the annual visitor count either – which adds on roughly one million tourists per month. Meanwhile, Nice boasts a population of just 350,000 people. This means that you can actually get some peace and quiet there, while also enjoying the vibrancy of an exciting metropolitan area.


There’s a rather sizable 687km between Paris and Nice. Since Nice is southern of the two and located on the French Riviera, it generally receives much more pleasant weather than its capital counterpart. For instance, in Paris, there’s an average of 160 rainy days each year. Meanwhile, in Nice, there are only 90 days where there’s some sort of rainfall. There’s certainly not much need to bring your umbrella in the summer!


Paris boasts a lot of amazing attractions – but the one thing it doesn’t have is a beach. Nice, on the other hand, has its own sun-kissed coast where you can enjoy the sun, sea and sand. It’s simply perfect for people who want to relax by the ocean. Coco Beach is extremely popular among the locals, it has been described as a tropical haven and allows visitors a panoramic view of the large number of boats and yachts sailing over to Corsica.

The choice is easy!

When deciding between Paris or Nice don’t be swayed by the charm of Paris when the real jewel of France is Nice. If you’ve decided that the coastal city is for you, be sure to find the best holiday apartments in Nice at HB Property. Contact us today and sample the delights of the city nicknamed Nice la Belle (Nice the Beautiful).