Three things to bring back from your holiday in Nice

There’s plenty to get excited about ahead of your holiday to Nice. After all, there are sights to see, beaches to bathe on and amazing food to taste. You should also prepare yourself for the likelihood that you won’t be returning empty-handed! That’s because you’ll probably be bringing back a few of the items that no tourist can resist in Nice. Here are just three that you should make room for in your suitcase.


Don’t be fooled into thinking that Paris is the fashion capital of France. Instead, you should expect to browse some of the most emerging and on-trend styles when in Nice. The most upmarket shops and boutiques are found in the Carré d’Or (Golden Square). Meanwhile, if you’re after a bargain, your money will stretch further at the Nice Etoile shopping mall. Either way, you can expect to get your hands on elegant clothes, shoes and accessories in what’s typically a fashion-forward city.


There’s no better time to give into your sweet tooth than during your holiday in Nice. While the emphasis is still on the taste, you’ll find that chocolate is almost considered an art form in the city and around the French Riviera. You should get ready to bring back blocks shaped liked roses and high-heeled shoes – if only to impress your friends upon your return!


While you’re away, you’ll probably want to spare a thought for those friends and family who have never been fortunate enough to experience Nice. Therefore, it only seems right that you should pick up a few souvenirs to bring back from your vacation. You’ll find the odd tourist shop dotted around the city, but your best bet for getting your hands on Nice-themed T-shirts, magnets and other similar items is to head to the Vieux Port (Old Port), where you’ll find many small shops to cater to your needs.

Have a happy holiday!

It’s fair to say that you’ll be returning with more than just fabulous memories after visiting Nice. Instead, you’ll have a case full of keepsakes for both you and your loved ones. If you’re yet to organise your trip, remember that you can find the best vacation in apartments in Nice at HB Property. It’s non-stop fun after you’ve sorted out where you’ll be staying!