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Nice – letting out your holiday home

5 top tips for letting out your holiday home

If you’re lucky enough to own a holiday home in Nice, you have one major advantage over a holiday company and that’s your local knowledge. You know where the best restaurants are, the chic bars and the local hot spots to visit for an unforgettable holiday. You’ll already have all the useful beach equipment and be able to share your know how with potential clients, giving them a holiday experience they won’t forget and increasing the likelihood of repeat bookings. With all that in mind, here are our top five tips for letting out your holiday home in Nice.

1. Take time to build your reputation

Don’t cut corners to maximise profit. Instead, focus on creating a high quality service at an affordable cost that builds your reputation through great online reviews and feedback. Once you’re established, you can think about adjusting your prices to reflect the quality of the experience you provide.

2. Have an annual spot check

Not only is this a great excuse for a relaxing long weekend away, it gives you the opportunity to snag any issues before they become a major problem. Regular maintenance will enhance the rentability and increase the value of your holiday home.

3. Use reliable technology

Even on holiday, clients will expect good quality access to social media, emails and streaming services. Make sure your internet connection is up to scratch and consider installing a smart thermostat so you can oversee your heating from afar and control your costs. Heating also extends the renting season for your property.

4. Set the house rules

You don’t want to make your guests uncomfortable, but you need to protect your investment. A set of clear guidelines on issues like smoking and pets will give everyone peace of mind.

5. Use a property management company

When you use HBProperty to manage your holiday home, you’re guaranteed a high quality service that puts the customer first. We’re upfront and transparent about our fees and will ensure your property is managed to the highest possible standards ensuring satisfied clients and repeat bookings. If you’re interested in renting your holiday home in Nice, then please contact us for further details.