Hidden Nice

The best sites in Nice for history buffs

Nice is a beautiful, historic city in the south of France. It’s the perfect destination for a short break. If you enjoy history and visiting historical sites, you should book a trip today – read on for some historic sites in Nice that will satisfy your curiosity and leave you wanting more.

Palais Lascaris

The Palais Lascaris, based in central Nice, is a stunning Baroque palace that has been transformed into a museum devoted to music, so it will satisfy the needs of both history lovers and music fans. The palace consists of a maze of rooms ornately decorated with frescoes. It was once the home of the daughter of a Byzantine emperor.  However, now anyone is welcome to visit and see the unusual and rare instruments on offer, like an 18th century Naderman harp.

Le museum d’histoire naturelle de Nice

The Museum of Natural History is the oldest museum in Nice and was founded by two botanists in 1846. This museum is perfect for those who love the natural world, as well as history. There is a massive selection of plants within it, some native to Nice and others more exotic. There are also zoological and geological collections for you to explore.

The museum highlights important ecological issues and regularly displays collections and holds exhibits in relation to this that showcase different habitats around the world. The museum also holds an impressive collection of animal skeletons from animals that are both native to Nice and from further afield.

Monument aux Morts

The Monument aux Morts is a monument commemorating the soldiers who died in the first world war and was built in 1928. It is carved into the rocky hills of Nice and reaches an astounding 32 metres high. It has beautiful views out to the sea and is perfect for a moment of quiet reflection.

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