Historical holidays in France

Historical holidays in France? look no further than Nice!

Enjoy the unique culture of Nice with a historical holiday

We all know that Nice is one of the cities of romance – and why wouldn’t it be. Set on the French Riviera, there’s much to see and do in and around Nice; a location steeped in culture and history. If you’re a fan of more educational trips as far as historical holidays in France go, Nice is as fascinating as it is beautiful.

A long and storied history

Historical holidays in France should be by definition full of history. Nice offers exactly that. Nice hasn’t always been a quintessentially French city; Greek seafarers founded the city in 350BC, naming the colony Nikaia – after their term for victory. It wasn’t until 1860 that Nice became a permanent part of France. Offering delightful views and a beautiful holidaying location for English and European royalty thanks to its temperate weather. Historically attracting artists and fans of the arts, Nice was nicknamed ‘Nice la Belle’, or Nice the Beautiful, thanks to its stunning views and appealing architecture.

A culture of warmth and food

What’s a French city without food? Thanks to Nice’s choice location, and international patronage, this city has the best of French-Italian cuisine including excellent wines, delectable candied fruits and many fine cheeses. Known as Niçois cuisine, there are many food tours and restaurants for those inclined.

Nice as a home for art

Containing many different artists’ museums paying homage to the artistic background and culture for creativity, Nice has many different locations in which to enjoy art inspired by the azure blue seas and stark white architecture. If art is your kind of culture, there’s plenty to see and explore, from modern galleries to museums of art, sculpture and simply dedicated to the history of the Nice area.

If you love art, history, culture and great food, Nice has all you need. Choosing a holiday apartment in Nice is an excellent way to immerse yourself in that culture. Why not book one of our amazing vacation rentals today.