International & French Riviera Mortgage Advice

french riviera mortgage

At Harrison Brook, we work hard in order to establish good working relationships with a number of UK and European lenders. By doing so, we are able to offer a unique insight into the international and French riviera mortgage market. This gives each client first-hand expert advice and guidance when it comes to handling their mortgage in a variety of different currencies.

Our experience has allowed us to gain confidence in working with all currencies. As well as knowing which banks in France offer the best solution for our clients. We do the groundwork, so you don’t have to.

Why it’s important to obtain an French Riviera Mortgage:

Interest rates are currently very low and are predicted to stay that way in the short to medium term. This means that it is the perfect time to acquire a loan and purchase your dream home. Holding a mortgage in the currency of the country the house stands in means you can initially benefit from favourable exchange rates and avoid future fluctuations.

Mortgage types:

There is a variety of French Riviera mortgage available:

Main Home Mortgages – if you are moving or already living in a foreign country we can help you get the best mortgage.
Second/ Holiday Home Mortgages – for people looking to purchase a property abroad.
Investment Property – for people looking to invest. i.e Buy to Let.
Refinancing your Mortgage – for people who already own a property and have a mortgage. It may be worth refinancing your mortgage as with low-interest rates you may save money in the long term.
Equity Release Mortgages – for people who already own a property and want to release equity.

Your French Riviera Mortgage through Harrison Brook:

As specialists in organising mortgages for British expatriates all over the world and in France, we work with your best interests at the forefront of our agenda.

When it comes to organising an international or French Riviera mortgage, one thing that we tell our clients is that preparation is key; wherever possible, approach us early and we can get the ball rolling. Giving you a clear plan of action in order to make the organisation of your mortgage run smoothly.

By ensuring that you have everything in place, such as your budget and deposits, we can start to take steps to secure you a pre-approved mortgage, which will save you both time and money when you start to search.

Whether you are looking for fixed or variable interest or variable loan-to-value mortgage structures, we have a dedicated team that can arrange your mortgage on a range of properties, including:

  • First residential
  • Holiday
  • Investment

Our experience even allows us to assist in the arrangement of mortgages on commercial properties. Why not get in touch with the Harrison Brook team for more information and guidance.