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How to create a second income working from home in Nice

Create a second income, from home…

Growing bills and household expenses means we’d all love to have a bit of extra money coming in. However, unless someone invents a way to put more hours in the day, it’s not always possible for French property owners to take on extra hours at work or second jobs.

So how can you work from home in France, and increase your revenue?

A picture perfect income source

If you own a holiday apartment in Nice, then you have access to some of the most beautiful French countryside and coast, as well as colourful sights and events. Why not pick up a camera and see if you can make money from the global fascination with digital imagery?

Become a YouTube star

One of the best opportunities afforded by modern technology is the lucrative market in YouTube videos. There is some serious money to be made in producing online video material.

You could turn your Nice apartment kitchen into a cooking demonstration backdrop. Your bedroom into a beauty technique studio.  Or maybe, your living room into a venue for hobby tutorials.

Write an eBook

The digital age has also made it much easier to release your inner author. Based in the truly inspiring backdrop of Nice, why not create a masterpiece to offer to publishers or self-promote on the internet?

Become an eCommerce entrepreneur

Countless people in France are generating a second income by selling products and services online, from the comfort of their own homes.

It could be anything from homemade preserves and furniture restoration to beauty products and car repairs.

Holiday rentals in Nice, France

Undoubtedly one of the best and easiest ways to generate a second income if you have an apartment in Nice is to use a property management company to hire it out for holiday lettings.

Nice has the advantage of offering all-season attractions for tourists looking for short breaks and holidays. This means there is always demand for Nice apartments for vacation rentals.

One of the advantages of using your Nice property to make money in partnership with Harrison Brook, is that the management and bookings are handled seamlessly by someone else. This leaves you free to concentrate on your primary job, from wherever you live during the rental period. Plus, you can choose when to offer availability around the year. You can suit it to your own preferences and needs, and still be sure of a good source of income.