Nice is an idyllic city on the French Riviera, a renowned holiday destination and a firm favourite with celebrities. As summer turns to autumn, it retains its charm and remains a great base for exploring this majestic part of France. There is so much to see and do for the whole family whether it be hiking, climbing, feasting on delicious cuisine or simply lounging on the beach with a good book. Here we take a look at four reasons why you should consider booking an autumn holiday to Nice.

1. The high season is over

French schools and businesses are back to normality, and the main part of the high season is over, meaning there are far fewer crowds for you to contend with. The shops and restaurants are far quieter, although many still retain their summer opening hours, so you can explore until your heart’s content. In fact many of the best, local-known restaurants in Nice actually close for a large portion of the summer, often for three whole weeks in August (this is how you know they are really successful!). An Autumn visit guarantees access to the best of Niçois cuisine. The capital of the French Riviera retains its warm and welcoming atmosphere, only with far fewer people. The roads are also quieter, making it much easier to navigate and to explore the rest of the Côte d’Azur .

2. More comfortable temperatures

Nice is famous for its gorgeous weather, and autumn is no different. The city is sunny for a large majority of the year, but the slightly cooler autumn temperatures make it more comfortable when exploring everything Nice has to offer. The great weather – temperatures average 21 degrees – means autumn is also an ideal time to rent or let holiday apartments in Nice.

The French Riviera is famous for its blue skies and temperate micro-climate. Nice in particular is bathed in sunshine for the majority of the year with temperatures regularly reaching 35 degrees in the summer months. In autumn the temperature averages a comfortable 21 degrees, while retaining those incredible clear blue skies. Locals are still found sunbathing on the beaches and eating al-fresco. In short it’s the perfect time to visit for those looking for more manageable temperatures.

3. It’s even more beautiful

As autumn descends on Nice, it only serves to further enhance the beauty of this fascinating coastal city. The mesmerising vivid blue waters are still radiant, but the changing colours of nature only add to the magic, charm, and appeal of the city. With a touch of snow starting to appear on the top of the Alpes, framing the city, what can be more romantic than exploring the narrow, historic streets of the old town by night, lit up by the shimmering lights of small, cosy restaurants and bars.

4. Autumn holidays are usually cheaper

And finally, what better a reason to visit Nice in autumn other than it being less expensive! After the peak season has ended, prices for apartments and other accommodation reduce significantly and many major travel companies offer a series of deals and discounts to entice you with. You’ll also often find a selection of great last minute deals.

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Easy ways to increase rental value of your property in Nice (which clients won’t mind paying extra for!)

Every renter wants to offer the best value property to their clients, especially if they are away on holiday. The south of France is an extremely popular destination for people from all over the world. More holidaymakers are choosing to rent  apartments in Nice for a more local experience rather than book a traditional hotel. Vacation rentals are proving popular with owners of apartments in Nice. Our experts have compiled a list of easy things you can do to increase rental value of your apartment which customers won’t mind paying a little bit extra for.

1. Newer, better windows

Nice is extremely beautiful, both the city and the countryside its historical architecture and stunning panoramic views. If you wish to increase rental value begin with windows. Not only will better windows allow your guests to enjoy the splendour Nice has to offer from the comfort of the apartment but it will also ensure that the property is full of natural light. A bright and airy apartment is more welcoming, guests appreciate relaxing comfortably before leaving to explore.

2. Increased facilities

you should try to make your Nice vacation rental as inviting and flexible as possible. This is key to providing a service that caters to all your guests’ needs which will increase rental value. Try adding an additional pull-out sofa bed and providing luxury touches such as a coffee machine or welcome hamper. Holidaymakers don’t want to be living out of their suitcase, they want the apartment to be as homely as possible. This means having a wide range of storage options, so your guests’ needs can be easily met. Additional shelving, storage and coat hooks are simple and cheap to install but will make a difference for those staying.

3. Free guidebooks and information packs

Although it’s easy to research Nice online, a personal recommendation from a local will be welcomed by any guest. Creating a list of your own favourite restaurants, bars and walks will show your guests that you really do want them to have the best time possible and that you are there to help them find all of Nice’s hidden gems. Make sure you try and accommodate everyone in these lists too, by highlighting the best vegetarian and Halal places, as well as suggesting some activities for families.

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Why rent out your apartment in Nice?

You may be asking yourself “should I lease my apartment?” Opening up your home to strangers on holiday in Nice may not be something that you had previously given any consideration to. So what would happen if you did? Nice is a much sought after spot and has holidaymakers flocking there all year round. This is your opportunity to cash in and make a very nice income from the burgeoning holiday rental scene.

Generate more income

“Why lease my apartment?” For a start, your apartment is in a prime area of France for a holiday rental – not only is Nice a stunning part of the world but it has great tourist opportunities and with that comes revenue. This revenue is there for you to partake in, if only you were to rent out your apartment! By taking the opportunity to put your property on the holiday rental market you could begin to earn more income. You do not have to do it for the whole year but you can cash in on the peak season when accommodation is going to be in high demand and short supply.

Provides you with more freedom

The cost that holidaymakers will pay to stay in your holiday rental could go towards doing so much for you. Why wouldn’t you want to make some money from your property? Let it work for you and you will reap the benefits.

Leasing your property could give you more freedom to do something fun for yourself. Why not go on an adventure of your own? You live and work in a stunning part of the world but why not explore other parts of the globe? Italy, Thailand, Australia – the sky is the limit if you decide to use the income that you could gain from your apartment.

Help others experience the beauty of Nice

If your answer to “should I lease my apartment?” depends on helping others You could improve a holidaymaker’s experience by being the insider with an intimate knowledge of Nice. By adding that extra je ne sais quoi you could potentially build a relationship with a set of holidaymakers who will come back to you time and time again to rent your apartment. This way it gives you the security of knowing who is renting from you and that they will treat you and your apartment with respect. You will begin to build a reputation as the go-to apartment ensuring that you will have a consistent flow of holidaymakers year after year.

HB Property always seeks to put people first whether it be you or the holidaymakers. We are transparent in our dealings and do not hide anything from you. You can trust us to keep your interests at heart and ensure that your property is cared for. So get online now and sign up with HB Property today, putting your apartment in the holiday rental market and giving holidaymakers somewhere to stay while you get to enjoy the rewards.

Three ways to make renting to families easier

The summer holiday season is by far the most popular one of the year in Nice. This isn’t just because the sun is shining and skies are blue, but also because there are loads more families free to jet off and enjoy the picturesque city. The question is: how can you make sure that you’re welcoming families as well as couples to your apartment? Luckily there are a number of things you can do to make sure that mums and dads are happy to book your holiday rental over others in the area. Here are three tips that should help with renting to families.


Nice is so readily explorable, which is just one of the reasons why it’s such a hotspot for holiday-makers. However, if you’re to attract families you’ll need to emphasise your apartment’s proximity to key spots – such as the beach or Vieille Ville. This might include tips on using a hired car, a public bus or even walking routes. Just don’t underestimate that couples with kids will always have an added concern about getting around.


Your apartment could become a family-friendly home in an instant with the help of extra beds. You need not squeeze in extra mattresses because this could make the place look cluttered and turn away couples. Instead, the best option is to invest in fold-out cots that can be stored away and a pull-out sofa. These additions can make all the difference to parents travelling with young ones.


Families may need a small push in the right direction when it comes to their itinerary. Nice, as many people already know, can be a wondrous place for mums and dads with their kids, so make sure you put together a firm itinerary to attract them. This can include beaches with play areas, like Ruhl or Neptune Plage. This plan of action just means that families will feel like they can relax in your home rather than waste time searching for child-friendly places.

Try it!

Don’t let the summer holiday season pass you by without letting families know that your apartment is open for business. If you want to leave the responsibility to someone else, HB Property offer management services for a range of holiday apartments in Nice. Get in touch for more information.

Make more money renting in Nice

If you want to make more money renting in Nice you must first find the right rental market. That’s where HB Property can deliver an outstanding service, connecting you with potential clients. But there are certain steps you can take to maximise the return on your holiday property by maximising its potential.

A new paint job

You should aim to refresh the decor in your apartment at the end of every holiday season. Take the time to thoroughly clean your property. Attend to any niggling maintenance issues like leaky taps or loose handles and give everywhere a new coat of paint. This is a great time to get inspired by your surroundings to deliver some real Riviera chic.

Add an en-suite

If you can squeeze in an en-suite, it’s well worth finding the money to do so. En-suite bath or shower rooms add a real cachet to a property and take up surprisingly little space. Even a small walk-in wardrobe can become a luxury walk-in wet room with a little imagination.

Upgrade kitchens and bathrooms

If you’re hoping to attract longer rentals, upgrading a tired kitchen or a grimy bathroom will elevate any Nice apartments and vacation rentals above the competition. There are some surprising bargains to be had if you buy online or hit the big French DIY stores – if you’re buying off the peg, pay attention to the small details like handles, taps and accessories to create a unique style that clients will love.

Make the most of outdoor space

It may not be possible to physically add more space to your rental apartment, but if you can create an outside ‘room’ with an awning or pergola and smart furniture and accessories you’ll automatically add value for your renters. If you can a unique experience you will start to make more money renting in nice.

Offer added extras

Whether that’s local artisan toiletries or high speed WiFi, you can target a premium market with those vital added extras. From the latest tech to stunningly unique decor, state of the art security systems to A+ energy efficient appliances, those details show care and thought that your clients will appreciate.

If you’d like to improve the rental income of your property and you’re looking for property management in Nice, France to achieve your goal contact us at Harrison Brook today.

Enjoy the unique culture of Nice with a historical holiday

We all know that Nice is one of the cities of romance – and why wouldn’t it be. Set on the French Riviera, there’s much to see and do in and around Nice; a location steeped in culture and history. If you’re a fan of more educational trips as far as historical holidays in France go, Nice is as fascinating as it is beautiful.

A long and storied history

Historical holidays in France should be by definition full of history. Nice offers exactly that. Nice hasn’t always been a quintessentially French city; Greek seafarers founded the city in 350BC, naming the colony Nikaia – after their term for victory. It wasn’t until 1860 that Nice became a permanent part of France. Offering delightful views and a beautiful holidaying location for English and European royalty thanks to its temperate weather. Historically attracting artists and fans of the arts, Nice was nicknamed ‘Nice la Belle’, or Nice the Beautiful, thanks to its stunning views and appealing architecture.

A culture of warmth and food

What’s a French city without food? Thanks to Nice’s choice location, and international patronage, this city has the best of French-Italian cuisine including excellent wines, delectable candied fruits and many fine cheeses. Known as Niçois cuisine, there are many food tours and restaurants for those inclined.

Nice as a home for art

Containing many different artists’ museums paying homage to the artistic background and culture for creativity, Nice has many different locations in which to enjoy art inspired by the azure blue seas and stark white architecture. If art is your kind of culture, there’s plenty to see and explore, from modern galleries to museums of art, sculpture and simply dedicated to the history of the Nice area.

If you love art, history, culture and great food, Nice has all you need. Choosing a holiday apartment in Nice is an excellent way to immerse yourself in that culture. Why not book one of our amazing vacation rentals today.

Getting sleep on holiday is important when staying in Nice

You really can’t put a price on a good night’s sleep – especially when staying in a city like Nice. A property with a comfortable and quiet bedroom should, therefore, be one of your main priorities when putting together your trip to the French Riviera. If you’re currently finalising where you’ll be staying in Nice, here are three reasons why you should choose a rental where you’ll be guaranteed a heavenly night’s sleep on holiday.


A lack of sleep can hit your immune system hard. This can mean that you are much more likely to fall victim to ailments such as colds and sore throats, which will ultimately hinder your ability to enjoy the city to the fullest. In particular, the loss of appetite that usually accompanies illness will probably mean that you won’t get to savour delicious delicacies like salade niçoise or socca. These are, as you’ll soon discover, some of the yummiest meals in Europe.


Nice is readily accessible by car, bus or train if you want to see it from top to bottom. However, there’s no better experience than exploring the city on foot. Unfortunately, you’ll be deprived of this option if you’re running low on energy from a poor night’s sleep. Meaning you’ll miss some sights that can only be witnessed on foot, like the picturesque alleys in the Old Town.


Sleep deprivation has been proven to limit a person’s ability to concentrate. Nice, of course, isn’t the type of city where you just want to switch off. There are plenty of wonderful attractions that require your undivided attention, such as Gallery Ponchettes. It would be disappointing if you were struggling to focus on the stunning artwork there just because you hadn’t slept.

Don’t undervalue sleep!

It’s important that you realise just how important a good night’s sleep is when staying in Nice. With this in mind, it’s important to factor this in when choosing between holiday apartments in Nice. To pick from a range of Nice apartments and vacation rentals that are comfortable and perfect to get some decent shut-eye, check out HB Property.

There’s plenty to get excited about ahead of your holiday to Nice. After all, there are sights to see, beaches to bathe on and amazing food to taste. You should also prepare yourself for the likelihood that you won’t be returning empty-handed! That’s because you’ll probably be bringing back a few of the items that no tourist can resist in Nice. Here are just three that you should make room for in your suitcase.


Don’t be fooled into thinking that Paris is the fashion capital of France. Instead, you should expect to browse some of the most emerging and on-trend styles when in Nice. The most upmarket shops and boutiques are found in the Carré d’Or (Golden Square). Meanwhile, if you’re after a bargain, your money will stretch further at the Nice Etoile shopping mall. Either way, you can expect to get your hands on elegant clothes, shoes and accessories in what’s typically a fashion-forward city.


There’s no better time to give into your sweet tooth than during your holiday in Nice. While the emphasis is still on the taste, you’ll find that chocolate is almost considered an art form in the city and around the French Riviera. You should get ready to bring back blocks shaped liked roses and high-heeled shoes – if only to impress your friends upon your return!


While you’re away, you’ll probably want to spare a thought for those friends and family who have never been fortunate enough to experience Nice. Therefore, it only seems right that you should pick up a few souvenirs to bring back from your vacation. You’ll find the odd tourist shop dotted around the city, but your best bet for getting your hands on Nice-themed T-shirts, magnets and other similar items is to head to the Vieux Port (Old Port), where you’ll find many small shops to cater to your needs.

Have a happy holiday!

It’s fair to say that you’ll be returning with more than just fabulous memories after visiting Nice. Instead, you’ll have a case full of keepsakes for both you and your loved ones. If you’re yet to organise your trip, remember that you can find the best vacation in apartments in Nice at HB Property. It’s non-stop fun after you’ve sorted out where you’ll be staying!

With spring just around the corner, it really won’t be long until the summer season arrives and your inbox starts filling up with enquiries for bookings. While that’s good news, it also means that this time of the year can be one of the most hectic for Nice apartment owners.

Create a perfect first impression

It’s essential that you make the time to give your holiday rental a thorough inspection and attend to any repairs and maintenance. Don’t just trust the evidence of your own eyes but read all the feedback from your guests to pick up on any little niggles. Creating a smart first impression might be as simple as a lick of paint or some new bedding, but you need to be prepared to invest for the best possible return on your holiday apartments in Nice.

Create an experience

To get those five star reviews, however, your holiday apartments in Nice need to do more than look good aesthetically. You need to create an unforgettable guest experience with the addition of little touches like a bespoke welcome basket containing local artisan food, wine and toiletries. Put together notes and maps about your favourite haunts in a useful information pack – you could even go as far as creating your own app. It’s the attention to detail that nets you great reviews and boosts your holiday apartment’s visibility so take some time to re-discover Nice yourself to enhance your guests’ experience.

Check your paperwork

Do you or the managers of your apartment block have the right permits and licences? Is your insurance up to date? If your vacation apartments in Nice have a pool, is it secure? You’ll need to clear some time in your schedule to make sure your paperwork is relevant and up to date.

Mind the gap

Go over your bookings, checking for any gaps in the calendar that you can exploit to your advantage. Take the opportunity to offer a discounted last minute deal that will really promote your property and add to your positive reviews.

If all this sounds like a great deal of effort, it is. Which is why our clients prefer to let us manage their properties for them. Contact us today to discuss your property management requirements for your Nice apartments and vacation rentals.

Eating out in Nice…

If food is your passion, Nice is sure to set your taste buds alight. As one of Europe’s most revered culinary hot spots, you’ll be overwhelmed with choice when it comes to all things edible.

It’s no surprise, really, that Nice is such a foodie haven; its location certainly gives it the upper hand, ensuring local, fresh ingredients are in abundant supply. Warm summer days offer the perfect conditions for a bounty of fresh fruits and vegetables, while succulent meat stems from the nearby hills, and the adjacent coastline serves up a rich array of seafood.

Whether you choose to dine in a simple cafe or a top-notch bistro, you’ll struggle to go hungry in Nice. Restaurants and cafes are especially in abundance in Vieille Ville (the Old Town) or around Cours Saleya, so it’s just a case of finding something to suit your budget.


There’s a heavy Italian influence on the menus in Nice, so expect pizza and pasta aplenty. You can also sample some local specialities, such as socca (a pancake made from chickpea flour), deep fried courgette flowers, pissaladiere (a type of onion tart) or petits farcis (stuffed vegetables).

The market at Cours Saleya is one of the city’s top foodie attractions. It’s a real working market, and not just for tourists, so here you’ll find restauranteurs stocking up on ingredients for the day’s menu. It’s a fantastic place to sample local produce and do a bit of food shopping yourself.

The daily fish market at Place Saint-Francois is also a real feast for the eyes and a must-visit for any foodie visitor.

The beauty of staying in holiday apartments in Nice as opposed to a hotel is that you can really make the most of the foodie scene in the city. As well as dining out at restaurants, you can purchase fresh, local ingredients, such as seafood, meat or vegetables, from the markets, and rustle up concoctions in the comfort of your apartment. Staying in vacation apartments in Nice, therefore, allows you to fully immerse yourself in local life and enjoy the many flavours of this appetising city.

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