If you are working in the property industry, you will be looking forward to the next big event, and might be looking for an accommodation in Cannes during the MIPIM 2019.

The property is often booked by companies preferring booking a bigger villa rather than many hotel bedrooms.

Villa Val de Clauvin

Located in Le Cannet, only 10 minutes drive from the Palais des Festivals, the Villa Val de Clauvin is the perfect property for a group.

Indeed, it features 6 bedroom and can sleep up to 12 people. There is an independent studio and a pool house for more privacy.

In addition, there are 7 bathrooms in the Villa, making it perfect for rushed morning.

Wifi is installed so you won’t be disconnected and will be able to check your emails.

Accomodation in Cannes for MIPIM

accommodation le cannet

The Villa Val de Clauvin used to be the residence of a Russian count. Overlooking Cannes, you will get amazing panoramic sea view and a stunning garden if you want to relax after a long day of work.

If the weather allows it you might even want to make the most of your time there and spend some time by the swimming pool. Alternatively it has three fireplaces, great to have a nice hot drink and relax.

Pictures are worth a thousand words so here is a video of the villa:

Villa Val de Clauvin – Le Cannet

Book your stay today

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On top of a stunning property, you will be the HB Property service, including a welcome pack with local wine, as well as professionnal cleaning and high quality linens and towels.

Get in touch with HB Property to check availability and get your booking in.

Best holiday destinations in France? Nice is the place to be!

Choosing a holiday destination is quite a task. You are always spoiled for choice, or at the very least in a dilemma. Nice, France, is a perfect destination. There is a myriad of reasons why it should be at the top of your list of holiday destinations, whether you’re going with your family, partner or friends. Here are several reasons to consider Nice for your next holiday.


Getting accommodation in Nice is easy. Property owners are willing to rent out their property for use over the holidays. It is easy to spot and rent holiday apartments in Nice – Harrison Brook Property Holiday Bookings make it relaxed and hassle-free. We are a property management firm in Nice that brings together people renting out holiday apartments with those who are looking to book, ensuring tourists visiting the area aren’t left stranded on arrival looking for a place to stay.

Pebble beaches

Nice has some of the best pebble beaches in the South of France including La Plage Publique de Beau Rivage and Opera Plage. A stay in Nice gives you easy access to these beaches with no hassle. Pebble beaches offer scenic views; glimpses of rare beauty which is difficult to find elsewhere.

Ideal for families

Nice is accommodating for travelling parties of all sizes and relations. Starting with the variety of apartments on offer, it’s a perfect place to bring your kids. The breathtaking view of the city provided by the crystal blue waters of the Mediterranean and the peaceful woods in the nearby countryside offers perfect hiking sites both for you and your kids. There are lots of activities that your kids can enjoy in Nice, not to mention the perfect child care services available in case you need to run an errand.

Nice is a place like nowhere that you’ve been to before and is definitley one of the best holiday destinations in France, adding some taste and luxury to your holiday. To have a pleasant and convenient stay in Nice, make sure you book a holiday apartment before your arrival. Also, prepare a schedule to manage your time and pick the places you most want to visit – at the end of your holiday in Nice, there’ll be so much left to explore you’ll wish you could have stayed longer!

French Riviera apartment rentals | tips for letting holiday apartments in Nice

To get the best out of your French riviera apartment rentals you need to be smart about how you promote the property. Here we explore some top tips for increasing the profitability of your holiday apartments in Nice.

Use a property manager

Using property management Nice, France, can help you to get more exposure for your property and ensure that more people are seeing it. This will help to keep the property full and maximise your profits.

Update your calendar

Keeping your calendar up to date is hugely important and the sooner you can provide availability the better. Plan your own holiday in your holiday apartments in Nice and then open up every other date to customers to get them filled.

Upload more photos

Showing the customer exactly what you have to offer them can increase interest. Remember, people will assume that anything you are not displaying is not attractive, so ensure that you photograph the whole property. With more information you will be more likely to get bookings.

Request reviews

Customers want to see reviews from other guests and they will be more likely to book your Nice apartments if there are good reviews of the property when they look. Requesting reviews from guests will help to increase your profile and bookings.

Accept online payments

One big downfall for many people letting properties by themselves is not being set up to take money in an easy and simple manner. If you cannot take online payments then you will lose a great deal of interest in the property. You can using a pre-existing online payment system without the cost of setting one up and running one yourself.

Provide detailed information

Finally, you should give as much information as possible. Inform tenants of the local attractions such as beaches and restaurants as well as their locations. With more information guests are more likely to decide on your apartment over another and pay their rental to you.

To find out more of the information and services Harrison Brook can offer please visit our website.

Make money leasing! Residents of Nice, France are getting paid to go on holiday

Romantic, relaxing and radiant with sunshine, Nice provides the kind of heaven that people dream of all year long.

In fact, France is the most popular tourist destination on the planet. 86 million foreign tourists annually is now a common statistic for the country. The French Riviera plays host to a lion’s share of this market, with a long tourist season starting in March and ending in October (with major peaks during the Monaco Grand Prix and Cannes Film Festival).

But even when you live in paradise, you still want to explore.

With an upsurge in vacation rentals in recent years, property owners in Nice are realising that when they go on holiday, they could break even – or even make money leasing their home.

<h2> The vacation rental market in Nice: bigger and better than ever </h2>

Over the past five years, Airbnb has normalised the holiday rental market – there’s no doubt about that. But with new political and legal obstacles revealing themselves every month, it’s not for everyone.

Awareness of ‘hosting’ is at an all-time high; but many people are put off by the worry of becoming embroiled in the smaller irks – or even legal nightmares – of the relatively unprotected route to the vacation rental market. Instead, responsible property owners are turning to property rental services like Harrison Brook Property Holiday Rentals.

The ultimate benefit of Airbnb is a passive income, but that’s traded off for risk. Harrison Brook Property Holiday Rentals is providing Nice residents with the ability to make money leasing with none of the risk. On top of this, we’re experts in the Nice vacation rental market, so we attract the kind of guests any host would be delighted to have.

<h2> €1200 a week for homes in Nice </h2>

A typical home with two bedrooms in Nice generally attracts between €900 and €1200 for a week. Great locations and extra special touches can take that figure even higher.

At Harrison Brook Property Holiday Rentals, many of our property owners come home and tell us they actually made more money by going on holiday than they would have if they’d stayed at home. For them, and perhaps for you, it’s a no-brainer.

So sit back, relax, and let the passive income flow. All you have to do is decide where you’d like to do it.

Holiday home ideas | Pumping local culture into your apartment in Nice

Nice is an extraordinary place. You probably already know this though because you’ve purchased an apartment there and chosen to share it with the world. You shouldn’t take for granted just how much more alluring your rental can be if you pump some local culture into it. This isn’t to say that you need to go overboard with new furniture and furnishings. Instead, there are some smaller touches that you can include which will show that you’re fully embracing the joys of the French Riviera. Here are three holiday home ideas that are easy to carry out and that will impress your guests.


You can find shops and stalls that sell local artwork in the Old Town. These pieces will often be unique and inexpensive. Meanwhile, you can get more well-known prints from locations such as the Musée National Chagall, a museum dedicated to the famous Russian-French artist Marc Chagall. Whichever artwork you can get your hands on, it can easily be the icing on the cake for people staying at your vacation rental in Nice.


Nice is a great place to unwind, kick up your feet and tuck into a good book. Thankfully, a few of history’s best novels have actually been set in the French Riviera. If you can get hold of texts like F. Scott Fitzgerald’s ‘Tender Is The Night’ or Ernest Hemingway’s ‘The Garden of Eden’, then it’s just another way that you’re allowing your guests to succumb to the romance of Nice. All you need is a few texts on a shelf to make people feel at home.


Pebbles are synonymous with Nice. After all, the bulk of the beaches feature pebbles rather than sand, therefore setting them apart from other locations in Europe. You can bring these pebbles – which are often smooth and shapely – into your home as a quirky decoration. Try collecting some in a jar or dish and featuring it as an ornament in your apartment.

Unleash your imagination

You’ll be onto a winner by celebrating the local culture and bringing it into your Nice apartment in the most subtle ways. Meanwhile, the management of your home can be left in the hands of HB Property. This will ensure that your place is one of the most popular vacation apartments in Nice.

The benefits of having a guestbook at your vacation rental in Nice

When it comes to vacation rental tips It’s often the little touches that go a long way when renting out an apartment in a location like Nice. While you will know that beds, kitchen utensils and bathroom supplies are pretty much mandatory to provide, there are certain things that you can do to make you’re vaction rental in Nice stand out – such as having a guestbook for visitors to write in. If you’re striving to make your guests fall in love with Nice, you could provide a guestbook in your apartment.


A guestbook can include handy bits of advice left by yourself and other guests. It might feature tips about the tastiest restaurants or the trendiest beaches. A guestbook ultimately gives visitors a helping hand in experiencing the best that’s on offer for their vacation rental in Nice.


Tourists desire personality and charm when they choose to stay in an apartment rather than a hotel in Nice. A guestbook provides the touch of character that they’re looking for, thanks to its hand-written messages and personal sentiments. It can go a long way to making others feel comfortable and at home in your place.


Should a guest want to flag up something they didn’t like about the apartment – even if it’s something out of your control, such as a noisy neighbour – a guestbook gives them a means of venting in private. They can ultimately offer you nifty tricks to improve the place without publicly shaming the accommodation online and possibly deterring future guests.

Kind words

You’ll often find it difficult not to be touched by the kind words of your guests. The positive reviews can be a great reminder that you made a fantastic decision in choosing to share your accommodation with the world rather use is solely for your own trips to Nice.

Give it a go!

A guestbook is just one of our vacation rental tips. If you want your rental to be fully booked and loved by guests, be sure to leave the management in the safe hands of HB Property.

France is undoubtedly a brilliant and fascinating country to visit. The question is – should you holiday in Paris or Nice? While Paris is the capital, it’s fair to say that it doesn’t necessarily have the advantage over Nice. In fact, the latter is becoming more and more popular each year – and with good reason! If you’re weighing up which French city to vacation in this year, here are four ways that Nice always trumps Paris.


There’s just something about Paris that’s a little too familiar. After all, images like the Eiffel Tower, the Champs-Elysees and Notre-Dame Cathedral are always seen in movies, television and adverts. This means that there’s much more adventure when visiting Nice. You’ll stumble across things that you’ve never seen before and gaze at views that are considered best-kept secrets, these may include Palais Lascaris, Chateau de Bellet and Galerie Eva Vautier.


Paris has a population of 2.2 million people. This figure doesn’t include the annual visitor count either – which adds on roughly one million tourists per month. Meanwhile, Nice boasts a population of just 350,000 people. This means that you can actually get some peace and quiet there, while also enjoying the vibrancy of an exciting metropolitan area.


There’s a rather sizable 687km between Paris and Nice. Since Nice is southern of the two and located on the French Riviera, it generally receives much more pleasant weather than its capital counterpart. For instance, in Paris, there’s an average of 160 rainy days each year. Meanwhile, in Nice, there are only 90 days where there’s some sort of rainfall. There’s certainly not much need to bring your umbrella in the summer!


Paris boasts a lot of amazing attractions – but the one thing it doesn’t have is a beach. Nice, on the other hand, has its own sun-kissed coast where you can enjoy the sun, sea and sand. It’s simply perfect for people who want to relax by the ocean. Coco Beach is extremely popular among the locals, it has been described as a tropical haven and allows visitors a panoramic view of the large number of boats and yachts sailing over to Corsica.

The choice is easy!

When deciding between Paris or Nice don’t be swayed by the charm of Paris when the real jewel of France is Nice. If you’ve decided that the coastal city is for you, be sure to find the best holiday apartments in Nice at HB Property. Contact us today and sample the delights of the city nicknamed Nice la Belle (Nice the Beautiful).

Owners of holiday apartments in Nice looking to cover the expenses of their vacation retreats, will find it’s remarkably easy to rent out their properties and gain substantial income throughout the year. Nice is a popular tourist destination any time of year, so it’s easy to rent out your holiday home when it is vacant.

Nice holiday apartments

Owning your own holiday home can be a shrewd investment which pays dividends over the long term as property values increase. Available opportunities to rent out your Nice holiday home can make your returns on investment even more substantial. There are a number of good reasons to consider the benefits of renting out your Nice holiday apartment.

Why rent out your Nice holiday home

UK holiday home owners renting out their properties make average earnings of around £12,750 in annual income, with expenses amounting to about £6,000. This is a superb profits margin and some owners find the annual income figures are substantially increased when their properties are marketed in the best fashion.

Your holiday home may be a luxury asset and provide you with enjoyable holidays throughout the year, but keeping on top of the regular expenses can prove difficult. Renting out your Nice holiday home at the times it is vacant helps ensure all regular outgoings are upheld and maintenance issues are addressed.

You qualify for tax relief on any mortgage payments for your holiday home, so you can offset the full rental income and any wear and tear issues against mortgage interest repayments. You may also qualify for entrepreneur’s tax relief if you should come to sell your holiday home.

Holiday apartments in Nice are popular with families and business travellers. Many families find it’s far more convenient to book self-catering apartments and villas for holidays, as it allows for far greater flexibility and choice. The popularity of sites such as Airbnb has also fuelled a rise in business travellers looking to the short-term let market for accommodation that’s preferable to staring at the walls in bleak hotel rooms.

There are many more reasons to consider the benefits of renting out your Nice holiday home and the professional team at HB Property are more than willing to discuss these advantages with you. Contact us for more details.

Nice is a beautiful resort city on the French Riviera, and is the perfect destination if you are planning your next holiday. It is an ancient city and contains many historical buildings and monuments which are fabulous tourist attractions. If you’re interested in history, read on for a brief history of Nice

Original settlers

There have been people settled in Nice for the last 400,000 years, although it didn’t become a proper urban settlement until around the 4th century BC, when Greeks established a town called Nikaia, which they named after Nike, the Greek goddess of victory. After the Greeks, along came the Romans who installed infrastructure like roads and leisure and entertainment centres, like the amphitheatre. At this point, it was an extremely busy trading city due to its position on the coast.

The city takes shape

In the 14th century, the counts of Savoy afforded the city protection to prevent Barbarians from destroying any more of it than they already had. In 1860, it became part of France due to the Treaty of Turin. After this, a large number of English tourists were attracted to the beautiful scenery and temperate climate, establishing it as a holiday resort. Many of the Baroque homes and buildings you can still see in Nice today were built during this period to attract more tourist. The Palias Lascaris is a prime example of this. It is now a musical instrument museum and is well worth a tour.

World War 2 and recovery

During World War 2, Nice became a haven for refugees fleeing Germany. It was heavily bombed and the result of this was a famine in the summer of 1944. After Nice was liberated by American paratroopers on the 30th of August 1944, the city was in poverty, but the advent of mass tourism saved the economy, and Nice still depends heavily on tourism today.

If you’re looking for a holiday apartment in Nice, or are looking to rent out your own apartment, contact HB Property today. We are a holiday let and property management company based in Nice and specialise in short term lets and vacation rentals. We offer a knowledgeable and friendly service, allowing you to rent an apartment or rent out your own apartment with minimal hassle.

Whatever your reasons for travelling to Nice, whether you’re enjoying a romantic weekend or are travelling for business, there are some good reasons why vacation apartments in Nice are better than a hotel. While a hotel can offer convenience and services, holiday apartments in Nice deliver a visitor experience that is second to none.

Live like a local

If you love the opportunity to explore a new location and live like a local, then a vacation apartment in Nice gives you the flexibility to explore your new neighbourhood. Whether you enjoy buying fresh produce from the local markets, or relaxing with a coffee and watching the world go by, an apartment stay lets you discover a side of Nice the tourists never see.

Be together

When you choose a hotel stay for a family holiday, with no communal area to enjoy as a unit, you lose the sense of connection and togetherness which is the reason you planned to get away in the first place. Sharing a home away from home helps to create special memories while giving every member of the party a comfortable living space to be together and a private room to get away from it all. Better yet, you may enjoy luxuries like the use of a pool that make your holiday an unforgettable experience.

Be in control of your stay

Choosing an apartment in Nice over a hotel room puts you in control of the way you enjoy your stay. You can choose the best location, number of bedrooms and services and amenities that are tailor-made to suit you. You can choose your own mealtimes and menus, and enjoy lounging in your private garden or a dip in the pool while avoiding the crowds. Booking an apartment for a group of friends or family can be extremely cost-effective as the larger the group of guests, the lower the costs per head will be.

Exclusive luxury and comfort

Our choice of stunning vacation apartments in Nice is ideal for your next trip to this beautiful part of the world. Whether you want a beach-side apartment or a bolt hole in the Old Town, our specially selected holiday apartments in Nice will deliver the kind of unique visitor experience a hotel can’t match.

So, if an apartment on the French Riviera sounds good to you, get in touch today for a stress-free holiday!