autumn holiday in Nice

4 reasons why you should take a autumn holiday in Nice

Nice is an idyllic city on the French Riviera, a renowned holiday destination and a firm favourite with celebrities. As summer turns to autumn, it retains its charm and remains a great base for exploring this majestic part of France. There is so much to see and do for the whole family whether it be hiking, climbing, feasting on delicious cuisine or simply lounging on the beach with a good book. Here we take a look at four reasons why you should consider booking an autumn holiday to Nice.

1. The high season is over

French schools and businesses are back to normality, and the main part of the high season is over, meaning there are far fewer crowds for you to contend with. The shops and restaurants are far quieter, although many still retain their summer opening hours, so you can explore until your heart’s content. In fact many of the best, local-known restaurants in Nice actually close for a large portion of the summer, often for three whole weeks in August (this is how you know they are really successful!). An Autumn visit guarantees access to the best of Niçois cuisine. The capital of the French Riviera retains its warm and welcoming atmosphere, only with far fewer people. The roads are also quieter, making it much easier to navigate and to explore the rest of the Côte d’Azur .

2. More comfortable temperatures

Nice is famous for its gorgeous weather, and autumn is no different. The city is sunny for a large majority of the year, but the slightly cooler autumn temperatures make it more comfortable when exploring everything Nice has to offer. The great weather – temperatures average 21 degrees – means autumn is also an ideal time to rent or let holiday apartments in Nice.

The French Riviera is famous for its blue skies and temperate micro-climate. Nice in particular is bathed in sunshine for the majority of the year with temperatures regularly reaching 35 degrees in the summer months. In autumn the temperature averages a comfortable 21 degrees, while retaining those incredible clear blue skies. Locals are still found sunbathing on the beaches and eating al-fresco. In short it’s the perfect time to visit for those looking for more manageable temperatures.

3. It’s even more beautiful

As autumn descends on Nice, it only serves to further enhance the beauty of this fascinating coastal city. The mesmerising vivid blue waters are still radiant, but the changing colours of nature only add to the magic, charm, and appeal of the city. With a touch of snow starting to appear on the top of the Alpes, framing the city, what can be more romantic than exploring the narrow, historic streets of the old town by night, lit up by the shimmering lights of small, cosy restaurants and bars.

4. Autumn holidays are usually cheaper

And finally, what better a reason to visit Nice in autumn other than it being less expensive! After the peak season has ended, prices for apartments and other accommodation reduce significantly and many major travel companies offer a series of deals and discounts to entice you with. You’ll also often find a selection of great last minute deals.

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