apartment over hotel

Why a vacation apartment in Nice is better than a hotel

Whatever your reasons for travelling to Nice, whether you’re enjoying a romantic weekend or are travelling for business, there are some good reasons why vacation apartments in Nice are better than a hotel. While a hotel can offer convenience and services, holiday apartments in Nice deliver a visitor experience that is second to none.

Live like a local

If you love the opportunity to explore a new location and live like a local, then a vacation apartment in Nice gives you the flexibility to explore your new neighbourhood. Whether you enjoy buying fresh produce from the local markets, or relaxing with a coffee and watching the world go by, an apartment stay lets you discover a side of Nice the tourists never see.

Be together

When you choose a hotel stay for a family holiday, with no communal area to enjoy as a unit, you lose the sense of connection and togetherness which is the reason you planned to get away in the first place. Sharing a home away from home helps to create special memories while giving every member of the party a comfortable living space to be together and a private room to get away from it all. Better yet, you may enjoy luxuries like the use of a pool that make your holiday an unforgettable experience.

Be in control of your stay

Choosing an apartment in Nice over a hotel room puts you in control of the way you enjoy your stay. You can choose the best location, number of bedrooms and services and amenities that are tailor-made to suit you. You can choose your own mealtimes and menus, and enjoy lounging in your private garden or a dip in the pool while avoiding the crowds. Booking an apartment for a group of friends or family can be extremely cost-effective as the larger the group of guests, the lower the costs per head will be.

Exclusive luxury and comfort

Our choice of stunning vacation apartments in Nice is ideal for your next trip to this beautiful part of the world. Whether you want a beach-side apartment or a bolt hole in the Old Town, our specially selected holiday apartments in Nice will deliver the kind of unique visitor experience a hotel can’t match.

So, if an apartment on the French Riviera sounds good to you, get in touch today for a stress-free holiday!