the history of Nice

A brief history of Nice

Nice is a beautiful resort city on the French Riviera, and is the perfect destination if you are planning your next holiday. It is an ancient city and contains many historical buildings and monuments which are fabulous tourist attractions. If you’re interested in history, read on for a brief history of Nice

Original settlers

There have been people settled in Nice for the last 400,000 years, although it didn’t become a proper urban settlement until around the 4th century BC, when Greeks established a town called Nikaia, which they named after Nike, the Greek goddess of victory. After the Greeks, along came the Romans who installed infrastructure like roads and leisure and entertainment centres, like the amphitheatre. At this point, it was an extremely busy trading city due to its position on the coast.

The city takes shape

In the 14th century, the counts of Savoy afforded the city protection to prevent Barbarians from destroying any more of it than they already had. In 1860, it became part of France due to the Treaty of Turin. After this, a large number of English tourists were attracted to the beautiful scenery and temperate climate, establishing it as a holiday resort. Many of the Baroque homes and buildings you can still see in Nice today were built during this period to attract more tourist. The Palias Lascaris is a prime example of this. It is now a musical instrument museum and is well worth a tour.

World War 2 and recovery

During World War 2, Nice became a haven for refugees fleeing Germany. It was heavily bombed and the result of this was a famine in the summer of 1944. After Nice was liberated by American paratroopers on the 30th of August 1944, the city was in poverty, but the advent of mass tourism saved the economy, and Nice still depends heavily on tourism today.

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