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5 Nice landmarks you won’t want to miss

5 Nice landmarks you won’t want to miss

Located on the warm Southern coast of France, also known as the fashionable “French Riviera”, it is little wonder that so many people choose to visit Nice landmarks. 

With a pleasant climate, family-friendly culture and wonderful holiday apartments, Nice has for generations been the first choice for people looking to relax on holiday. People from all over France, Europe and the rest of the world flock to Nice for its world-class beaches, exquisite cuisine and unique cultural and historical nice landmarks. With so many wonderful places to visit, it might initially feel overwhelming, so we have picked five places you should not miss out on:

1. Place Masséna

The main square in the city, Place Masséna is surrounded by beautiful red ochre Italian architecture and hosts many different events such as concerts, festivals and carnivals throughout the year. Whether or not there is an event on, there is plenty of atmosphere and wonderful sites to soak up.

2. Nice Cathedral

Built between 1650 and 1699 on a religious site that dates back to the 11th century, Nice Cathedral is a beautiful baroque-style building that houses ten chapels and an iconic bell tower. The Cathedral has a rich history and is held in high esteem by locals and visitors alike.

3. Place Rossetti

Arguably the most pleasant place to spend the later part of an afternoon, Place Rossetti has within it some of the finest places to dine in the area, hosting a delicious choice of restaurants. Even if you don’t fancy a meal, it is a wonderful place to sit down and relax with an ice cream, beer or glass of wine.

4. Promenade des Anglais

Built in the 1830s for the English aristocracy (hence the name), the Promenade de Anglais is a long stretch of walkway that hugs the coast providing a wonderfully picturesque route to stroll along the seafront and gaze out to sea. The miles of coastline that it runs alongside is regarded as one the best beaches in Europe and is a perfect place to relax in the sun or take a dip into the sea.

5. St Nicholas Orthodox Cathedral

A French national monument and the largest Eastern Orthodox cathedral in Western Europe, St Nicholas’ was built by Tsar Nicholas II of Russia and opened in 1912. The legal disputes of ownership (it is technically owned by the Russian state) does not detract from the grandiose and beautifully designed nature of the cathedral. The ornately painted domes and incredible religious iconography continue to fascinate visitors of any religion.

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